Friday, August 07, 2009

A Bit of This, A Bit of That

I have been in the studio today- in quick bits, since I need to let the dyes dry some before I print close to the previous section. I'm using thermofax screens I made a few weeks ago- I finally came up with a design on the computer I'm happy with. Here we are so far, I still have some more screening to do.

I'm glad I figured this to be a practice piece, since I already have a print goof. But it will still give me an idea of how the colors will interact, and if I have my images lined up like I want. Any idea what the screen image is?

I've been playing more with my camera. I took a three hour 'DSLR Essentials' class at a local camera shop last week. In September, I think I'm going to do the one they have outdoors, taking pictures with the teacher. I learned more, got some stuff clarified, and feel more confident with the camera. It was an interesting experience, being the lone Pentax in a sea of Canons and Nikons.

So tonight after dinner I decided to drive to where I have a good view of the windmills at the mouth of Spanish Fork canyon. I'm comfortable with aperture and depth of field, now I want to play with shutter speed. I figured the moving blades would be interesting to try to capture.

On the way to the windmills, however, I encountered two does having a late snack in someone's yard. I managed to get off a couple shots before they headed behind the trees.

That was a quick stop, however. I found a place with an awesome view of the windmills, and tried multiple settings on my camera. I love having the anti-shake function, since I don't have a tripod yet. I got this shot at the slowest shutter speed- love how I got the blurred motion!

It's a nice feeling to know I can use all the functions this camera came with- and get awesome shots. More incentive to work on my composition skills!

Tomorrow is Bentlee's ninth birthday party, we are doing it here. So Shannon will be making a small cake, and cupcakes in ice cream cones. No swimming, since it has turned a lot coosler- it feels pretty good. Hopefully I'll have time in the morning to hit the farmer's market in Provo.

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