Saturday, August 01, 2009

More Baby Goodies!!

I found out the onesies take the dye great- so we went out and bought another package. Here's the results for the smaller size we bought-

I did manage to get a couple of pastels, which is what Marly prefers. I thought the hot pink and turquoise would be more pastel- but hey, we got bright and vibrant.

Here's the next batch-

Isn't that shibori awesome!! The one on the far left was at the bottom of the color parfait, and came out a little muddier than I would have liked. But, it is pastel! The other two from the parfait got another dyebath in pale blue, which turned them a nice shade of green. Then Shannon added some discharge- nice,no??

I got the bumpers done, and a nice cuddly blanket only has the binding to be hand-sewn. Here's a bunch of the goodies that will be boxed up and shipped to Florida this week. I love the headbands they have now, they are so soft and stretchy!

So today is mundane housework and stuff, hopefully I'll also squeeze in getting the binding done. I also want to play with my thermofax screens for the quilt for September's show.

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Rayna said...

ooooooh - gorgeous! Lucky baby.