Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wilderness Adventures

Without going into a lot of detail as to the why, I spend part of the day up Diamond Fork canyon with a group of people. It's about ten miles or so from our house, and was lovely, green, and beautiful where we were doing our activities. I wasn't able to participate in all the activities due to a schedule conflict, but I did do this one- the second time I've done it in twelve years. It is a rush, my muscles are still feeling it.

Obviously neither of these people is me, since I took the picture after I came down. But if you click on the picture, you can see how we have two lines coming down. On the left, the rappeler is halfway down; on the right, the track I took, she's just getting ready to come over the edge. And if you think the rock face looks like a nice easy slope, it's not- it was pretty vertical much of the way down.

The climb up was a killer, I wouldn't have made it without some help from younger folks a couple of times. But it was worth it!

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Rayna said...

Yikes! You are brave.