Saturday, October 10, 2009

La Princesa Preciosa, Michelle Sofia

It has been a week since I posted- mostly because I have been getting to know my new granddaughter. I got here very late Wednesday (or,very early Thursday)- so now we have had three days together. I can say she is beautiful, I can see bits of both her mom and dad in her. She is not an overly fussy baby, but she can screech to wake the dead when she's is unhappy.

And, she let Grandma have some fun yesterday, taking pictures with some of the onesies and bows I sent for her shower. I think she looks sooo cute!!!

Love the big flower, and the onesies look great on her.

I'm sure I will be taking lots more.

And, while I won't be doing any sewing/stitching/dyeing while I'm here, I do have more pictures from the gallery show to post. I found out yesterday that an article about our show, along with some of my pictures, will be published in Utah Valley Magazine for November!

Enough for now. I am enjoying Michelle, enjoying the 90 degree weather, enjoying being with Sean and Marly. Life is good!

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Judy said...

She is so adorable Bev! I know you must be savoring each and every moment with her!