Saturday, October 03, 2009

USDG at the Covey Center for the Arts, October 2009

Last night was the opening reception for our show in Provo. Unfortunately, we were competing with a BYU football game, so traffic around Provo was awful. Most of the group members live in Salt Lake, so I held down the fort for the group. The gallery looked great, I met some other artists from my area, and we got really positive feedback. We were part of Provo's monthly Gallery Walk night, and gallery walkers were hearing from those who were at our show early that they needed to see what the Covey had!

Polly and her helpers did a wonderful job setting up the gallery. This is what greeted you at the entry.

On the pedestal is information about our group and the challenge- only using materials that we already had, or that we traded or found. It definitely sparked some imaginative work.

This is the view into the gallery.

And the wall to the left as you entered the gallery--

I have serious envy of the red silk under the sweater- I've had it since I saw it at our last meeting, and I got to caress it!

The wall directly to the right as you enter the gallery has some lovely red pieces on it.

On the left is Patti Pitts' last of her Peace series. Patti just finished Jane Dunnewold's master class. In the middle is a piece by Chris Bramhall- what a difference having work matted and framed can make! On the right is a weaving- I'm going to have to go back to the gallery to get his name. He does great structural weavings with vibrant color.

We had a lot of work on pedestals- some bags, scarves, and other mixed media work. These were the first you saw as you entered the gallery.

Kelly Sweat dyed the scarf- I absolutely love this one,the colors are stunning. Timmy Burton made the copper shoe mounted on a copper bowl- she has imagination without limits!

Timmy also made this piece, inspired by an accident in the diswasher.

It's various plastic bottles and other containers, melted into interesting shapes, and screwed onto a piece of clear vinyl. It was definitely a conversation piece.

The largest installation also drew quite a bit of attention. Polly Masaryk made this entirely from painted dryer sheets- some contributed by family and friends on the East coast!

The pile of sheets on the floor underneath was just the right touch of humor. Polly also did the graphic hand stitched piece on the back wall.

That's it for this post. Later today I'll post some individual pieces, including the challenges that my WAQ group did.

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