Saturday, October 03, 2009

USDG at the Covey, Part II

Going clockwise around the gallery, here's some closer shots of individual pieces. Right next to Jalaine's bright piece is a Hawaiian inspired work by Jan Tolman. Part is fabric, part is dyed or painted paper towels!

Here's the red silk I have to physically restrain myself from touching. Doesn't it look great with the sweater?

This one by Diane is fantastic, a combination of fabric, hand and machine stitching, and rusted metal from her barn. Loved it!

Further down the wall, five pieces from WAQ were grouped- our individual interpretations of 'passages'. Jalaine did the red and black one on the left, Sidney and Robyn did the ones in the middle, and mine and Kathleen's are on the right.

Here's some closer views--

On the opposite wall, our six Magnification pieces hung between two weavings- both beautiful pieces. The large one on the left was made from leftover woolen clothing.

Our six canvases played well together, and drew positive comments. On the left, top to bottom are Jalaine, Suzanne, and my piece; on the right are Sidney, Kathleen, and Robyn.

I am going to have to go back to the gallery and get better pictures of the pieces under the stained glass windows. I just could not get the lighting right, no matter how I tweaked it in PSE. And, I noticed I missed a few pieces, so I'll have to get those, and get some names. So, maybe more from the show before I leave for Florida on Wednesday!


Carole said...

What a beautiful exhibit. There is so much creativity represented here.

Alyssa and Tyler said...
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Alyssa and Tyler said...

Hey Beverly- I spoke with Polly about the exhibit and she pointed me to your blog for photos. I am a writer for Utah Valley Magazine and wrote a piece about the Hard Times exhibit. Could we use some of these photos in our magazine?


dj said...

Love - love - love the door handle quilt!!! I don't know who made it but it's to die for!

Also, the photo under the door knob photo, is that your quilt? I really like it. I still want to try my hand at more "art quilting" in the future.