Friday, October 02, 2009

On the Run. . .

It's Friday morning. I've already been to my hairdresser for a cut- later this weekend, Shannon will make all the gray roots go away. Tonight is the opening for the Utah Surface Design Group show at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo. Taking a cue from what was going on all over the country, we chose "Hard Times: Inspiration, Beauty and the Art of Making Do."

I have not seen the entire show hung, but hear it looks great.

I'm in charge of setting up for the opening reception tonight- it's the monthly gallery walk night in Provo. There's also a BYU football game, which should make traffic just lovely.

I got the tee and scarves done too. I'm still debating in the tee, I might add some more to it- just not sure what. The camo or baby diaper poop scarf?

Much improved after being hit with fire red!! I know I'm going to do some stenciling with metallic Shiva sticks on this one. The other two-

I like the blue and violet, not sure yet about the other one. I may do another red dyebath, I think it is just a little too orange for me.

In the midst of last minute shopping for some cheese and grapes for the show, I'm also trying to find a pair of jeans that hopefully fits the way I like. Busy day, I'll post pictures of the show tonight or tomorrow morning.


Judy said...

I like those scarves, especially the first one you pictured. You know what I'd do with the orangey/yellow one? I'd screen some black lines on it. Then you could easily wear it with black slacks or skirts. Can't wait to see pics from your show.


Alyssa and Tyler said...
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