Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life with Michelle- and more pictures from the Covey

I'd forgotten how tired you can get with a newborn- even when it is a good baby, sleep only comes in small pieces. I suspect that will be the case for awhile, at least until she gets her days and nights down right. For the last few nights, she has been wide awake when we are ready to hit the sack, and does some of her best napping in the morning. Thank goodness I'm just the grandma!

I said I had more pictures from the show.

This is another of Patti Pitts' pieces- I finally was able to get the color right. I love all the subtle textures in the red.

Lisa Brothman did the next two.

Polly' dryer sheet piece has two very different sides. I tried to get a picture that showed the translucency.

And a detail--

Kaye Evans did this great selvedge purse, and the absolutely delicious silk bowl. The texture and colors are amazing.

Enough for now. Michelle, Marly and I are going to walk to the grocery store- before it gets too hot. It's still in the 90's here, but a cool front is coming in for the weekend!


dj said...

I love Lisa Brothman's -- oh, I would call it "wavy log cabins" piece.

Also, a big congrats to the new grandma. It'll be a few years for me (I hope).

Judy said...

Lovely lovely work! I really like that silk bowl! MMMMM!