Sunday, December 23, 2007

Days Three and Four

I obviously was delusional thinking I would get any studio time before Christmas. If I'm lucky I'll get a shirt cut out tonight, but no quilting stuff done yet.

Yesterday we went over to a friend's for Dutch oven dinner with a group of people who do wildlife rehabilitation- mainly with birds. When we got there, the first thing I saw was this golden Eagle on a perch near the cooking. It is hard to imagine how magnificent these birds are until you have been close to one.

Before we ate, Greg showed us his falcon, and turned him loose to do some hunting- first with a sacrificial chicken, then with a starling. I'd seen some falconry years before when I was in Peace Corps in Africa, and I've always found it fascinating. Being friends with Patti, we've been lucky enough to see how beautiful these birds of prey are.

We cooked and ate outdoors, and it was COLD!! Hovering around the fire was the only way to stay warm. I decided to play with my camera after it got dark and the full moon was out, and got some interesting shots. You can see just how smoky it was! We all smelled like a campfire by the time we left.

Patti also showed us some birds she is rehabbing that are indoors. I love owls, and have seen many of them close up thanks to Patti. Otis the sawwhet (?) was adorable, and I thought the tiniest owl around- until last night. Patti has two pygmy owls that are even tinier! One consented to leave the cage, and sit a bit on Patti's finger- I tried, but he would have no part of me. But you can see just how tiny he is!!

Tomorrow- pick up photos for one Christmas present,and get the very last one. Hope your holiday preparations are coming along or are done!

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