Monday, December 17, 2007


Well, I'm sure you've noticed I've changed the look of my blog. The first time, it literally took me weeks to figure out the html coding to add the banner and sidebar links. Blogger has done some upgrading since I did that, and the improvements sure worked better for me!! I managed to make the changes in two nights, and no cussing was involved! That alone is a distinct switch from the last time I messed with my blogger template.

I treated myself to a couple of books I'd been wanting for some time, and they have kept me occupied since I got them.

I like doing landscapes, but have wanted to move in a more abstract direction. Ineke has some good ideas for working more abstractly. And,there is plenty of eye candy of her work.

Linda and Laura Kemshall's book is a visual and idea feast. They cover many surface design techniques, but in a way that is original and thought provoking. I've never seen paint or Shiva paintstiks applied to a piece that is already quilted, but they do it to great effect. This one will keep me busy for months!!

I've also got two of Jane Dunnewold's books on my Christmas list, and only a few days to wait to see if the Santas in question came through. I'm not buying many quilting books any more, but I find it hard to resist a good surface design book. And, I just found out that Rayna Gillman has a book coming out in June- that will be another one I HAVE to get!

For those who are wondering how all the food came out yesterday- here's the bread, ready to hit the oven--

And here it is are, fresh out of the oven--

I love this bread, the tart dried cherries and apricots just make it.

Here's Sean's Tres Leche cake, ready for the whipped cream-

And, with the glorious whipped cream!

I have my share of food weaknesses, and whipped cream would be at the top. Not Cool Whip, or any of the other poor chemical imitations, but real whipped heavy cream- preferably without much sugar. Yum!! And yes, those are fresh raspberries and blackberries in the background.

One and a half more days till vacation starts. I'm not antsy or anything, am I??

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