Sunday, April 05, 2009

California- Day Four

After sitting up talking half the night, we didn't do a whole lot on Sunday. Judy went off to visit with her family, and Elaine and I just hung out at home, relaxing. That evening, Elaine, Judy and I went to Bonnie and Mirko's home for dinner.

Elaine and I brought a hot artichoke dip, which was positively addictive- I couldn't stop eating it. And I had plenty of time while Mirko finished the main course!

Mirko and Bonnie are fantastic cooks- we had Arroz con Pollo, ceviche (made with fish that Mirko caught off La Paz on Baja), salad with a special homemade dressing, and flan. Add wine, and what more could anyone ask?

Bonnie set a colorful, springy table--

The food was great--

and the guests all had a wonderful time!!

A fitting, enjoyable end to my long weekend in California.

I'll spare you the details of Day 5. Suffice it to say that both my flights were delayed, I got home two hours late, and I got some pictures of the Grand Canyon as we flew over it.

Next posts should have some quilty content!

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