Thursday, April 30, 2009

TGIT (Thank God It's Thursday)

because for me, that means it's the end of the work week. I need my three days with no work, no travel, no nothing- and I'll get them this weekend.

I drove Shannon to the airport this morning, she is now over the Atlantic somewhere headed for Switzerland for three weeks. She will be nannying for ten days, then doing some short trips from Bern. She is excited, I am just praying that the flu epidemic doesn't hit her while she is away.

To all who expressed their caring and concern after our late night encounter with the cow, thank you so much. The stiff and sore muscles are slowly coming back to normal. I see my chiropractor on Saturday, hopefully that will help more. We are still waiting to hear from the insurance company about our car- the last I heard, it was being moved from Moab to Salt Lake. So we wait, while DJ has fun researching cars. Me, I am really hoping that we can swing a hybrid or alternative fuel car. My dream is to one day tell the oil producing countries we import from to kiss my you-know-what, I don't need you any more. At least not for my car! But we shall see if that can become reality, or just remains my dream.

A co-worker is helping organize a fund raiser for her program area, and I decided to donate a small quilt. If I've posted this before, I think it was only a detail since it was made after a class with Charlotte Warr Anderson, and published in her new book on geometric quilting designs. (At least I think it is, I haven't seen the book yet!) Anyway, here it is, all done with my hand-dyes-

My co-worker was thrilled, and hopefully they will get some good bidding. I gave her a bottom price ($200), and she said if they don't get it, they'll hold it for another fund raiser later in the year. I'll be interested to see how it does.

My surface design group got the postcards for our gallery show in May. We're doing a joint show with the Clay Arts group, and I think the two mediums will make for an interesting display.

That's it, I'm tired and going to spend some time in my current book- The Eagle's Brood, by Jack Whyte. I love historical novels, I love long books, and I love series- Whyte's Arthurian saga has me hooked. Nice to have another set of books to read while I wait for Diana Gabaldon to come out with the next Outlander book. And, from going to her website to get the link, I see that I only have a few months to wait- whoo hoo!!

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