Sunday, May 03, 2009

Drat, It's Sunday Afternoon

and that means the weekend is about over. I thought I would get the challenge piece from Rayna's class done- it is all pieced, I've selected the thread, and previewed some quilting ideas. But I cannot seem to get up the energy to sit at the machine and free-motion.

I have felt tired all weekend. Most of my muscle soreness is gone, except in my pecs. They hurt, all the time. I still have this dry cough I can't get rid of, and when I cough or sneeze, they REALLY hurt. How long is this going to last???

So, in the interest of quilty content, here's the threads I've selected to use. Three solids, two variegated.

One of the other few things I got done this weekend, besides the mundane like the laundry, was taking pictures of a spectacular yard near our home. The owners are previous co-workers of mine, until they retired a few years ago. They always put on a marvelous spring display. I was practicing focusing on the close flower, and blurring the background- mostly, it worked! But I hope this pictures brighten your day. Me, I love spring bulb flowers!

This last one is a picture I took of an iris in Moab last weekend, from a different, lower down perspective. I love the translucency of the petals.

I hope your week is a good one. I promise I'll be working on the challenge piece at night, Rayna!


Carole said...

I'm glad you are recovering from your cow encounter! Love the flower pictures.

Rayna said...

You've had a trauma, Beverly - don't worry about it. Just take care of yourself.

Karoda said...

Did you follow up with your own doc? Like Rayna said, take are your most important thing madeear!