Wednesday, May 06, 2009

An Addition to My Art Collection!

If you scroll down my blog, you'll see the logo for Virginia Speigel's Fiberart for a Cause. She has raised an amazing amount of money for the American Cancer Society over the past few years. I donated postcards when they sold them at the Houston show for FFAC. This year, I contributed by making a donation, and getting a lovely piece of art in the bargain, from the last year for Collage Mania.

I am now the lucky owner of China Visit II, by Sharon Eley. I loved the colors and the simplicity of the piece. I had a hard time picking- there was lots of wonderful art, some of it by 'friends' I've met online. Can't wait to see this in person!

My family is no stranger to cancer- I lost my mother and a cousin to the disease, and my 21 year old daughter is a survivor. So I'm grateful to people like Virginia who put such effort into raising funds to help fight the disease.

There's still a few collages left- why not go have a look?


Nellie's Needles said...

That's a wonderful piece of art you chose. I've contributed art this year and last. I'm sorry this is the last auction for this worthy cause. I don't know of anyone who hasn't had a friend or family member with cancer.

Rayna said...

Beautiful piece, Beverly. Enjoy it.
How 'ya feeling?