Saturday, May 09, 2009

HMQS in Salt Lake

I spent yesterday in Salt Lake at the only quilt show we have, outside of guild sponsored events. Last year, I was mostly unimpressed, probably because the theme related to tradition. This year the theme was 'Pump Up the Color,' which meant there were a lot more quilts that grabbed my eye. So I'm posting a few of those, along with the tag that identifies the maker. Sorry some of those are a little blurry, but the lighting in parts of the exhibit hall was downright lousy.

There was a garment category this year, and I loved this jacket. I think she did a marvelous job of capturing the colors and mood of the Arizona desert.

I do have a few favorite traditional quilt patterns, and this is one. I always thought the block was Birds in the Air; this maker called it Corns and Beans. Whichever, I love the way it vibrates. I wonder how this might look in blue and lime green??

Anaother traditioal pattern, but the colors grabbed me. The turquoise against the terra cotta just sings.

This one not only has one of my favorite color combinations,but I thought the quilter did a fantastic job of emphasizing the pattern with her choice of designs.

I'm also a sucker for anything with black. This one started with doodles. I thought the quilting designs were wonderful, a combination of geometric and squiggles.

I loved this one of the mama and baby bear. She used lots of tiny fabric bits, similar to what Noriko Endo does. I took a detail picture, but it didn't turn out.

It left me with lots to think about, but I'll save that for a later post. I also dropped off 'Out of the Blue' to the gallery for our show starting next week. Some of the clay pieces that will be shown with the fiber looked fascinating.

I have made progress on the challenge piece from Grand Junction. I did an escape hatch finish, now all that is left is the quilting. And I have a pretty good idea of what I'll do. The only question is whether my muscles will cooperate.

Oh yeah, I also did a little shopping. Three sets of beads- two I'll send to Marly for jewelry, one is for my embellishment stash. I got another set of rubbing plates (I was thinking deconstructed screen printing!), and a piece of lutradur. Haven't a clue what I will do with that, but I figured $5, why not. Not bad, I didn't break the bank.

Now back to the studio while it's quiet and I'm home alone. Bliss---

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