Sunday, May 24, 2009

Home Again

We got back home from Moab this afternoon, after a good breakfast at Jailhouse Cafe- pricey, but yummy. Then we decided to drive around and see some of the easily accessible petroglyphs around Moab. First we went out the Colorado River to Moonflower Canyon. It's a campground, with petroglyphs on some of the rock walls.

Here's one of the more famous figures on this panel. Unfortunately, there was also a lot of vandalism on parts of the wall.

Right next to it was a chimney up the rock- the locals call this the Indian ladder. There were still logs in there with notches, all the way to the top. Don't think I would fit in it, however!

On the way back, I got a view of this arch in the rim on the opposite site of the river. Love the colors!

Then we drove south of town to the golf course, to see Moab Man. Apparently his image has been used on lots of items to advertise the town. He's the one with one hand pointing up,and the other down.

There were lots of other good petroglyphs here too. Even out of the sun, I had a hard time getting good images.

Tomorrow, an early morning trip to Ikea, then home the rest of the day. I'm trying to do the math and planning for the dyeing workshop in August, and planning dye weekends for my samples. Summer dye season is here!

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lyric said...

Sigh - I can't believe how much I miss Moab! (Grew up in Sandy UT). Thanks so much for posting your pictures.

Send me your address so I can send you a sweet little ATC!!!