Sunday, April 26, 2009

Moab, Part 2

Friday we didn't do a whole lot- sat around at our friend's home, and tried to work out some of the muscle stiffness. Saturday we went to the car show. It's at a park in Moab, and there was a lot of action downtown and close to the park.

Here's a sampling of what caught my eye- which I'm sure was very different from what would catch a car afficionado's eye!!

A real woodie from the sixties, surfboard and all.

My friend Elaine had one of these in our younger days!

DJ and the kids checking out an interior. Me, I like the paint job!

A real, genuine, cobbled-together rust bucket. Fascinating to look at up close.

I loved the colors of these three cars together.

But I loved the orange one the best! I think she looks like a modern-day Cinderella pumpkin!

This one brought back real memories. Going to Bob's Big Boy when I was a kid and eating in the car was a real adventure. I loved it.

We headed home today, thanks to Lance's in-laws who came for all of us in their Yukon. By the time we hit Price it was cold, and once we headed into the canyon we hit this-

It snowed all the way over the mountain. We still have evidence of the snow at home. Thank goodness, I know it won't last long- but I am so ready for some warm weather!!

Tomorrow, I'll work part of a day. Now we get to start taking care of all the insurance stuff. At least I'll have Shannon's car to use while she is in Switzerland the first three weeks of May.


Rayna said...

Looking at your car I can't believe you all walked away in one piece. Phew!

Car show looks great - but I have to tell you that Woody looks like it was from the 1940's or at most, 1950. Looks like a chevvy.

Take good care of yourself, Beverly!

Beverly said...

Yes, Rayna, I'm sure you are right. I just associate surfing and woodies with my beach time in the 60's!

The muscles are slowly coming back to normal. I am glad it is the weeken, though- with almost no plans or have-toos.

Sandra said...

Hey, I can't believe you were writing this right downstairs again and we didn't connect. I'd yell at you but it looks like you had enough trauma. At least you were in a car, recently my Dad had a one on one angry encounter with a mama cow and was almost killed. Don't know about cows anymore.
Take care. Welcome to AQuA.