Saturday, April 11, 2009

Packing to Play!!!

I have been in a frenzy today, trying to get ready to leave Monday for Grand Junction. I'll be there all week, taking a two day surface design and a two day quilt design workshop from Rayna Gillman. I have been looking forward to this for months!!

My fabric is packed, most of my surface design stuff is packed-

The black and lime duffel in the back is full of fabric- including ugly fabric I'm hoping Rayna can help me resurrect. My Juki and sewing supplies are in the Tutto. The bin is full of surface design stuff, everything from paints to paintstiks to stamps.

I think I will be packing another one of the bins- I have Wonder-Under, batting, the iron, and the small bin full of sheers and cheesecloth, and other assorted necessities that didn't fit in the first bin.

Tomorrow I'm hitting Home Depot to see if they have any printing stuff I can't resist. Then it's do the last of the laundry, pack my clothes, and pack the car. I'm planning on doing the 4 hour drive rather leisurely, taking time to take photos if the urge strikes. I'll be in Junction by late afternoon, where I'm staying with a friend of a friend.

Oh yeah, and I'll be taking my computer. Hopefully I'll find someplace with wireless access so I can blog the fun.

Here's a parting photo of some goodies I got my first day in California. We passed two bead shops within a block of each other in Laguna, and I made Elaine stop. Here's what I got- apparently I'm still on a red/green kick. But I like 'em all!

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Karoda said...

The green beads are just too yummy looking! And have fun with Rayna and enjoy your drive!