Thursday, April 02, 2009

California- Day One

Now that I've had time to download my pictures, you'll get a day by day account of my WONDERFUL long weekend with a group of women I've known since high school. Class of '68, so that gives you a clue just how long we've known each other! Funny, I don't see most of them that often- but it doesn't stop us from having a ball when we do get together.

I flew out of Salt Lake in the midst of a snow storm- my flight was delayed so they could de-ice the plane. I wish I'd taken pictures of that, it was interesting to watch! I had a layover in Vegas, then finally the last leg to California. We were warned about a windy, bumpy flight right from the start. I got this picture not long after we took off, the wind was clearly blowing all that sand around!

The flight was uneventful, and actually not that bumpy. Elaine and I connected easily at the airport, then we drove down to Laguna Beach for lunch. I can't fly all the way to California and not see the ocean, can I?? And it was a gorgeous day for the beach!

All that green is just balm for my color-starved eyes.

From there, we drove to Elaine's home- with a stop at my favorite California store on the way.

And I couldn't leave there without a bottle of two-buck chuck, much to Elaine's disgust. (However, I enjoyed every drop!)

The rest of the day we just hung out, catching up on all our news since we'd last seen each other. Dinner at Mimi's, and just talking into the night- what more could one ask?


Karoda said...

I have a girlfriend that buys the 2 buck chuck by the case! and how stark of a contrast in the weather! would have place me in shock!

Rayna said...

Ha - 2 buck chuck is $4 in New Jersey.