Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Dye Day

I was up early yesterday morning, getting fabric into dyepots. I have a project I need to get done this month, and needed the fabric for it. I dyed twelve half yard pieces, in three step gradations. I wanted to see the effect of slightly toning Dharma's Strong Orange with turquoise, its complement. Because the orange dye can be overpowering, I only used 1 teaspoon per two cups of urea water. The trio on the right have .5 ml turquoise in 3/4 cup of orange dye solution, the next one has 1 ml turquoise, the third has 2 ml. turquoise, and the one on the far left has 3 ml turquoise in the orange dye solution.

The toning is most obvious in the darker values, and I think I will end up using the one on the far left. There are also areas where the color is changed, I am certain it's because I just dumped the soda ash solution on the fabric instead of taking the fabric out of the dyepot before adding it. And, I actually like the two color effects it gave the pieces.

Tne next step is to do some samples with my thermofax screens using turquoise dye- I need to see how combining those two colors that way looks. That will probably have to wait until next weekend, however.

I have some baby stuff to get done and shipped off to Florida so it arrives by the 15th. I scoured some onesies to dye today, and have the last of the sewing to do on the bumpers. A cute cuddly blanket is cut out, and shouldn't take long to sew together- then Shannon gets to help with the ties. That's why the sewing studio feels like it is a mess, even though I cleaned it just a week ago!

Hope your weekend was productive, relaxing, or both!

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