Sunday, July 19, 2009

Llama Fest

Yesterday was the annual Llama Fest at the Krishna temple, so we took a drive up there. We had Jaden with us, we thought he might enjoy seeing the llamas up closes.

I never cease to be amazed at the detail that went into this building.

The entire temple is done in this style, and it is just breathtaking. I may not share their spriritual beliefs, but I can appreciate the artistry that went into this.

We had great seats for the llama race! I'm trying out the different settings on my camera, and tried the action setting for these. Here's all the llamas and their handlers getting their directions before the race-

And off they go, heading to my right--

run out to the pasture, around a tree, and head back to the starting point, which is now the finish line!

Some llamas were more into this than others, clearly!!

They have added a pavilion in back of the temple, with a stage and seating. When we got there, Los Hermanos de los Andes were performing. They had quite a routine going with their sticks.

I love this view of the koi pond, with the mountains in the distance.

There were plenty of fish in the pond, swimming among the lily pads. Some of the fish were HUGE!

There were a couple of vendors, so Jaden got this little drum, I think similar to instruments they use in the Andes. It had McQueen from Cars painted on both sides of it- which meant Jaden loved it, and I just mutter under my breath about disgusting American commercialization.

It was a fun way to spend a Saturday evening.

Hey, I've even gotten some fabric stuff done! I've needed something to hold business cards so I sat down and made a couple last night with Timtex and some of my hand dyes. I liked these so much, I'm going to make a couple more than are longer and have several pockets in them. No more hunting for purses or wallets with multiple slots that actually hold your cards!

I also got the studio cleaned up from my last bit of dyeing- now I can get going on a couple other baby-related sewing projects. And, try out my new screens!

Hope your weekend was a good one!

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Rayna said...

Llama fest?? Good grief, what an exotic activity! What next?
Nothing as interesting around here.