Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Independence Day! (To those reading in the USA!)

I hope that reflecting on what our forefathers sacrificed to get us our independence may help us focus on what we need to do now, ourselves, as a service to our country and our fellow citizens.

I have been playing more in the wet studio. Last night, I did 4 sets of dye runs using the two red and yellow primaries from Dharma. The differences are more subtle than with the blue-yellow runs, but they are there. I'll probably leave these to batch until tomorrow morning, then do the washout. They spent the night under the heat lamps- so nice to have a way to dye even in cooler weather.

This morning I spent time hand-painting more dryer sheets. I pulled in more colors,and just played away with my paint pots and brushes. Here's the results of that, drying on my Ikea rack. Love that thing!

Tomorrow I will fuse Misty Fuse to the back of some pieces, and cut away. I should have plenty of samples from which to choose the challenge piece.

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