Monday, July 06, 2009

Last of the Two Color Dye Runs

I do have pictures of my dyeing over the weekend- we finally figured out the error message on Shannon's camera. Can I just say I don't get the fascination with the tiny cameras available now? Shannon has a Fuji Finepix Z10fd- it takes very nice pictures, but it is SO SMALL!! I don't have big hands, but they feel huge around this tiny camera. My Canon Powershot A95 was a perfect size- small enough to cart around easily, big enough I could comfortably get my hands around it. I'm really looking forward to getting acquainted with my Pentax- at least I know it won't be a midget!!

So here's my four dye runs, using Fuschia, Light Red, Lemon Yellow, and Golden Yellow (all Dharma colors).

The two on the left use fuschia, the two on the right, light red. The middle two are golden yellow, the two ends are lemon. The run on the far left does have one goof- I didn't have enough red dye for the second one from the top, so it barely moved off yellow.

Today I've done very little. I had an appointment with an ENT doc, to try to figure out what is going on with the recurrent nosebleeds I've been having. After he scoped my nose, and cauterized it, I am now officially miserable. My nose is running non-stop, I want to blow it so badly but can't. I think it will be early to bed, with an Motrin to help me sleep.

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