Friday, July 03, 2009

Magnification, Part 2

Wow, it's only mid-day on the first day of my long weekend- and I have something that is worthy of a post! After getting the usual errands done this morning, I've been playing again with the painted dryer sheets and black felt. And I like what's developing!

The bottom one is the first I did today, the top one the last. With the bottom one, I was using multiple dryer sheets fused together. I just cut freehand, and fit the pieces in like a puzzle.

The second one, I decided to play with one of my recurring shapes, a circle. I found three different size circular objects I could use as a template with my soldering iron. Once I had them arranged and fused to the felt, I made the marks with the iron- working very hard not to cut through the felt. I only had one slip-up.

After this piece, I decided I liked the look of single layers, overlapping rather than multiple layers of the sheets. So I just freehand cut shapes, overlapping at times. Again, once they were fused to the felt, I cut the marks with the iron. I like the movement I got in the last piece.

Now it's on to the sewing machine, to see what stitching will add. I'm not sure if I will hit these with a heat gun or not.

I upgraded to Elements 7 this week, and the interface is waaaay different than the version I've been using- 4. I won't be able to figure this one out without a book, that's obvious at this point.

More playtime today, maybe even a little in the morning. We are headed up to Scofield in the afternoon, to spend the Fourth with friends from Price who have a cabin there. They shoot the fireworks over the lake, and we'll have a front row seat. Pictures of that later!

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