Saturday, April 10, 2010

My head

feels two sizes too large, my nose is alternately plugged or running like a fountain, and I am spending an inordinate amount of time sneezing- loudly, I might add.  I do not know what pollen count is off the charts, but it is making me miserable.  Can I find any allergy medication in this house?  I cannot, not a single stinking pill.

Before it got really bad this afternoon, I managed to get the cheesecloth, scrim, silk organza, and hemp cloth I dyed yesterday washed out.  And, I picked up my first lesson in Elizabeth Barton's design class at QU, and did some of the exercises.  I'm working with the picture Marly took of an anthurium on her last trip to Colombia.  I still want to make a quilt inspired by that photo.  And, speaking of Colombia- Sean and Marly are traveling there in May so her family can meet their son-in-law and their new granddaughter/niece/cousin/whatever.  I expect Sean to take lots of interesting photos for his mother.  Hopefully I will travel there myself with them in the next couple years.

I think I know where I am going with my Interpret This! piece.  I hope it is not trite or pedantic or predictable or any of those other adjectives.  It's what I keep coming back to, and my time is running out.  Lots of handwork with this one, which I actually will enjoy- at least if my thumbs don't give me a lot of grief.

More sneezing- signing off.  Here's hoping your weekend is allergy free--


Kay said...

Hope you enjoy the class, and am going to want to hear about it. Feel better soon.

My IT! piece is quite predictable, I'm thinking, but time is passing, so I am going to dig in and do it anyway.

Libby Fife said...

Hard to work on anything when the allergies kick in. Good luck!