Friday, April 30, 2010

^%#@/_$% Snow!!!

Can I just say I have had enough, I am sick of the white stuff??  This is what I stepped out to this morning when Shannon and I went to the gym--

It's cold, it's windy- after the gym, a perfect day to stay inside in the studio.  I managed to get two holsters made for a couple of massage therapists at Shannon's work.  Her's tore, and wasn't fixable, so I took it apart to use as a pattern and made her one with hand-dyed fabric.  She came home with three or four requests for more.  Once we got through the pricing issue (no, I am not willing to make and sell them for five bucks, sorry), I had orders.  So now they are done.

I'm waiting for the photo reveal tomorrow for Interpret This!, I'm thinking about how I want to be thoughtful with this one, try to move a little slower and more in the sketchbook.  We'll see how that works.  I'm in Salt Lake next Friday volunteering at the Home Machine Quilting Show.  Two hours volunteer work, and I get in free for the day.  On Saturday the 15th, I'm at a workshop for CEU's.  So I already know that my weekend time this month is limited.  And I know that June will be even worse.  Maybe I will just have to punch through the fatigue at the end of a ten hour workday and spend an hour or two at night during the week in the studio.  Or take a mental health day off work- I like that idea!

It has been a good week for the gym- I made every day except Wednesday.  I love it when my work schedule is free enough that I can do it during the afternoon instead of after work!  I've learned that the gym is pretty empty then.  I'm just trying to approach this as healthy, not weight loss- although that would be nice too.

I think I'll dredge up some energy and get some housework done so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow.  Hope your weekend is a creative one.

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Kay said...

You've really got a tough schedule! I admire you for being able to do IT! I know when I was working, I wouldn't have been able to even think about something like that.

Sorry about the snow; I can relate, even though we didn't get the spring snow this year.