Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sneak Peek

I got two 12 X 12 pieces done today, which frees my mind up for the rest of the month for the photo challenge.  It was worth the time to quilt both pieces, I learned something from each.  Here's a detail of the first one I did--

This one is evidence that I've gotten much braver with color- a few years ago, I wouldn't have dreamed of pairing the gold print with the turquoise.  Look at the stitching- I decided to try a programmed stitch on my Bernina, and I'm thinking I could use this again.  

Here's a detail from the second one I did today--

 Similar fabrics, although if you look at the green and blue, you can see what I was doing before I started sewing.  I screen printed the same image on the green, and discharged the dark blue fabric.  It's the same thread and stitch for the quilting, only on this piece I elongated it.  I think I like this version better.

I also used a satin stitch finish on both quilts- the same one Terry Grant wrote about in Quilting Arts a year or two ago.  It works really well, the best looking satin stitch edge I've ever done.  I will definitely use her method again.

The sneak peek is all I'll post of these until late in the month, when the others reveal theirs.  But it does feel good to have them done.

I hope your Easter is blessed.  We'll be celebrating double, the Easter holiday and Lance's big 30th birthday.


Libby Fife said...

I recognize that stitch! I think we both must have the same machine (440 QE?).

Love the printed results on your fabric.

Kay said...

I've got a similar stitch on my Viking. I find it hard to make it parallel so don't use it much. Yours looks good, both the stitch and the fabric.

Do you happen to know which issue of Quilting Arts has that article? I'd like to go back and look for it if I have it.

Enjoy your special Easter.