Thursday, January 24, 2008

About done. . .

with the TIF challenge. I've got the hand embroidery about finished, and think I have to add a little machine quilting to keep the smaller elements secure. Overall, I am pleased. However, I've learned that handwork through fused fabric leaves one with sore fingers!

I have discovered a new blog - Myrna Giesbrecht's, Creative Conversations. She has a gift for language, and is generous in sharing her design thinking and processes. She's funny, informative, inspirational, and honest about herself and the work. It is like sitting down to coffee with a good friend. I knew of her through Quilt University, but I've never taken one of her classes. However, that will change this spring, I plan to sign up for her Self Expressions class. I hope this will provide some impetus, structure, and encouragement as I continue the journey to my own voice and style. Getting to know Myrna a bit through her blog has helped me feel confident in my decision to take her class. But even if you're not looking to take a class from her, her blog is a delight to read.

I hope to have the TIF piece done tomorrow- I think I am going to face rather than bind the edges. Once that is done, I'll post pictures here and on the TIF blog.

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Kay said...

I sent Myrna an email about the class she mentioned. Thanks. And thanks for visiting me, and the encouraging words. Come again!