Wednesday, January 02, 2008

TIF- January

If you are a regular reader, you know that I signed up for Sharon B's Take It Further challenge- one piece a month for the year, with concept and color scheme posted on the first of the month by Sharon. We are to develop a completed design using either the concept, the colors, or both- size and materials up to us, as long as it is fiber or paper.

So yesterday, I went to Sharon's blog to see what the concept is. Take a look if you want all the details, but the bottom line- develop a design that relates to a person(s) you admire.

Hmmph. I've been thinking about it for the past twenty four hours in the back of my mind. This is outside my comfort zone, I've rarely done anything involving people or images of people, and I wouldn't count any of them as my best work. My 2007 Journal Quilt would be a case in point.

So, the first question is, who DO I admire? Do I want to make this personal, or more global, perhaps include a person(s) I have not known personally? What attributes in a person do I most value? And, the biggest question- what visual images to use to communicate this? This is where I still struggle, language is so much more natural for me than visual imagery if I am trying to communicate a specific idea or concept.

All that aside, I now have three sketches in my book. One shows more promise than the others, but it is just a skeleton waiting to be fleshed out. I still have not answered the question about who and what I admire, that will take some more thought. I will need to dip below that layer of cynicism that is just under the surface to do justice to this one. Next post,you'll know how successful I've been.


Karoda said...

I just read the challenge and the same questions you have began to pop in my head. At the moment, I've not decided between the choices offered.

Barbara Hagerty said...

Me, too. Same concerns. In my case, too many people come to mind, so I'm going with the color scheme and my own designs. Happy 2008!