Thursday, January 03, 2008


I'm drinking my last cup of coffee, watching the national news coverage of the Iowa caucuses. Some ideas related to my late-night reading in the book of Proverbs are percolating in the back of my mind for the TIF challenge. While I have some down time, I thought I would post pictures of the day trip to Tahoe I took with my brother and sister last Sunday.

My family history in Tahoe goes back quite a ways. My father and uncle bought land on the south shore, Nevada side after World War II and built a small cabin and a duplex on it. Many of the old pictures I looked at with my brother chronicled the construction of those homes. Unfortunately, the duplex burned down- some time in the sixties, I think- and the property was sold when I was a teenager. Would have been nice if my father and uncle had had a crystal ball telling them how property values would skyrocket!

We had lunch at a pub in Incline Village, and took care of my sister's business at Art Attack. We then headed for Sand Harbor, a Nevada state park which is one of the few places on the north shore with access to the lake. It was cold and windy, but worth the trip.

Love that deep blue lake color!

We followed a walking path that wound around the park area. There were some interesting rock inlets, with snow on some of the north facing slopes. I was fascinated by the color changes in the lake, depending on how deep it was. My camera picked up some of the variation, but in person was much more spectacular.

We even got brave and climbed around on some of the rocks to get closer to the water. Here's Carol and PJ, braving that wind--

I was fascinated by the manzanita growing among the pines. The color and sinuous curves of the branches were just gorgeous.

Sand Harbor is a popular getaway for people in Reno during the summer months. It's deserted now, but easy to imagine it crowded with people when it is warm!

As we were leaving, I spotted this pine tree that seems to have bent with the wind.

A lovely day, and I came back with lots of pictures for future reference and inspiration.

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Lora Martin said...

You are so right about Sand Harbor! When I was growing up in Reno, the phrase "going to the beach" meant Sand Harbor. Thanks for the memory.