Saturday, January 12, 2008


Which is about how I have been feeling today- not sick, just incapable for some reason of focusing on anything fiber-related for any length of time. I've cleaned the entire house, got the laundry done and folded, and have some stuff set aside waiting for Freecycle recipients to pick them up. So I have accomplished something today--

Yesterday, my small quilt crit group met at Sidney's home. She was able to get three Babylock embellishers for us to try, and another member, Kathleen, brought her Janome embellisher. There was wool felt, wool and silk fibers, all kinds of yarns for us to sample with the machine. Robyn, who has a very large collection of fibers and yarns, made this piece-

She used wool felt for a base, and needle felted silk organza and silk fibers,along with different yarns, to get this impromptu design. I like her color choices!

Here's a shot with more of the group. Sidney's husband is a firefighter, and he collects memorabilia related to gas stations. You can't see them in the photo, but they have four antique gas pumps in their family room! The neon sign is from the old Murray fire station. In back, he has a huge work space, with more antiques.

It was a fun day, the group seems to be "melding". We finally have come up with a name, the Wasatch Art Quilters. I hope that the chemistry continues, and that we are able to reach some of the goals we've talked about- like get a show in a gallery.

I have played around more with the TIF design on the computer. The concept has evolved- while I am still not making about any one particular person I admire, the focus has narrowed some. I'm doing some discharge samples, since I know I want to use that process. I tried two blacks,with unsuitable results. So now I'm waiting to see what a dark brown hand-dye I did looks like. I'm also considering using discharge paste, but from the recent posts on the Complex Cloth list, would need to make sure to do it outside. I don't have a respirator, and the one time I used the stuff, I remember it stank to high heaven.

Maybe I will actually get motivated enough to stitch tomorrow, since I want to discharge after I quilt. This idea is moving along, albeit VERY slowly.

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