Friday, November 07, 2008

Coming Down to Earth

I didn't sleep much Tuesday night, and was up early Wednesday. While doing more mundane tasks like laundry, I got the borders on Seasick. Except, now I am reconsidering the name.

I can't remember the last time I worked in blue, especially monochromatic blue. I started this in the heat of the election, and have the top almost completed the day after. Was there some subliminal message coming out of my subconscious? Maybe! I've used all shades of blue, and even mixed fabric types. This top has dyer's cloth, Kona cloth, sateen. It has cool blues, warm blues, pales, medium, and darks. Kind of like the coalition of citizens that helped elect Obama president, I'm thinking. So, in honor of the election, I'm renaming this quilt Blue Tsunami, because that's what's sweeping over Washington and this country.

Anyway, here it is. I know the top and bottom borders look lopsidely large, they will be trimmed down.

I will be stitching together some of the leftover fabric to give me a practice canvas. I want to add some circles, and will experiment with Tsukineko inks, Shiva paintstiks, Setacolor paints. I want some glitz, but I want it to be subtle and transparent. And, I'll also be experimenting with threads. Do I use the heavy 30 weight Brytes, a variegated, a single color, or monofilament?

We are definitely moving into winter. We had our first snow on Wednesday, and it has remained cold since. My feet are getting readjusted to having to wear shoes instead of sandals, much to their dismay. But I'm trying to motivate myself to use this nesting, homebound time of year to get creative in the studio.

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Judy said...

I love Blue Tsunami! Your piecing is great........but is it difficult? Funny thing, but I've been playing around with a similar piece (in my head) BUT it's in RED! Isn't that weird??? Would you email me about the piecing? Do you just clip your curves and then turn and press? I hate to be such a dummy, but I really am unfamiliar with this technique.