Friday, November 28, 2008

What I did on Black Friday (and it wasn't a shopping marathon!)

Well, Shannon and I did get up and head for a store- Ikea, to be exact, about 25 miles north of us. I'd scoped out some Christmas decorations, so we headed up to get them.

I probably should explain. DJ and I have very different taste when it comes to decorating. The last few years, our tree has been his style- soft colors, classic. Our tradition has been to trade off tree styles every few years, so this year starts mine. And what Ikea had was right up my alley- simple, modern, minimalist, and in my favorite color combo- red, black, and white!

So here's what Shannon and I came home with--

Aren't these little gray-bearded santas cute?? They're the whimsy to go with the modern, according to Shannon.

I fell in love with those giant size orbs the minute I saw them. And these have lots of finishes- some matte, some shiny. I think it will look great in our living room, which also happens to be black, red, and white.

That was the extent of our Black Friday shopping. Instead, I spent the day in the dye studio, doing silk scarves. I love doing those in the microwave, it is instant gratification. And I did some discharge after I dyed- three have been in the steamer, three more are in it now. My studio is a disaster!

The counter has stuff all over it, I've got a couple of scarves hanging on my Ikea rack. The sewing area isn't much better, there's a half-finished shirt I started Wednesday night covering the cutting area. I think I have enough energy tonight to get the studio cleaned up,so I can sandwich Blue Tsunami. And, I need to cut out leaves for Autumn Mountains. You can see the fabric I've auditioned in the studio photo, just pinned at the top of the quilt top.

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was a happy one. Ours was a small group but fun- and probably the most relaxed Thanksgiving prep I can remember. We didn't go overboard, and it sure helps to have three cooks, each doing a part. The best part, working off dinner playing Guitar Hero, Wii tennis and baseball!

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Miles Johnson said...

1) Love the tall tree. Our ceiling (about 10') doesn't appear to be as high as yours but isn't it nice filling it in with a tall tree? We use an artificial (I'm lazy about clean up) and I put ours on a low table (about 15") with the tree skirt camoflaging it.
2) Love the scarves. Someday I might haveta try my hand at fabric dying...
3) Love, love, LOVE the decorations. Black red and white is my favorite color combination. Pro'ly why so many of my projects have those colors as well as pretty much the whole house. I'mma haveta head over to Burbank and check out the goods.