Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let the Season Begin!!

We brought in the tree and decorated it last night. We've learned that when you have vaulted ceilings, anything but a tall tree looks dwarfed in the space. So we look for the tall, skinny trees, with plenty of room for ornaments.

A tall tree also presents challenges in getting the decorations up top- but that's what kids are for, right?? Bentlee and Jaden hand the ornaments to their dad,

who then gets them up there!

These ornaments look as good as I'd hoped! And the kids loved my giant orbs, just like I knew they would.

So here we are, all decorated and lit--

Shannon is looking through her favorite recipe website to find creative ways to use all our leftover turkey.

The mantle also gets a makeover for the holidays--

And with the change in weather, the room now feels cozy and warm. We've had the warmest autumn I can remember, but it has been cold, gray, and drizzly all weekend. Time to snuggle up with a book, knitting, and comfy quilt!

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