Sunday, November 02, 2008

Seasick, Part II (and other quilty content)

I got more work done on the strip sets this weekend, and my arrangement chosen after several auditions and black and white printouts. The sides are evened out, the background is chosen- now just to get the sashing strips cut. This will be a little tricky, since I'm not cutting them as rectangles. But I think it is doable. Here's the final arrangement, on the fabric I'll use for sashings and borders--

In keeping with the water theme, it occurred to me that Houston Quilt Festival is now over, so I can post a picture of my journal quilt. It was not juried in, but it is part of the online show 'Braving the Elements' that you can see here. I am in very good company, there are some wonderful quilts in the show. Here's mine, '2051: A Sea Odyssey.'

I took it to my small crit group, and they had some good suggestions for things I could have done to improve the piece. I may play with one idea in Elements before I try it on the actual quilt.

Remember Autumn Mountains? It's another quilt I'm hoping to have done for an exhibit next spring. I think I have the tree almost done- I added some more embroidery with a wilder thread color, and I like the pop it gives it.

Next step is to get it onto the background, and start making leaves- lots of them.

And, this weekend brought another treasure in the mailbox. Several months ago, Linda T. Minton did a Pay It Forward on her blog, and I was one of the winners. She sent me this gorgeous postcard! The photo doesn't do it justice, the fabric is screened (I think), then embroidered and beaded. Thank you Linda, I love it!

We've had a lovely, lengthy Indian summer here, but I think it is over. It has rained all day and gotten progresively colder. Our weatherman is forecasting the possibility of snow in the valleys by Tuesday. Oh well, time to sequester myself in the studio and quilt.

And, if you haven't yet, make sure you get out and VOTE ON TUESDAY!!

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Miles Johnson said...

Stunning work! I love the pieced strips. It has great depth and movement. Can't wait to see it finished up. I also love the fish stitched in relief- especially the curious one facing the viewer. Awesome idea I hadn't seen before.