Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Totally contrary to our expectations, the polls were steadily busy all day- then dropped off in the evening. We were dead the last hour, so we were able to finish our reconciliations and break down the machines earlier than we'd thought, and quickly. I was home by 9 pm, which meant I was able to share the joy, watching Obama give his speech from Chicago. Being in that huge crowd at Grant Park must have been an awesome experience.

I've had competing images floating in my brain recently. I was a teenager during much of the Civil Rights movement, so I experienced it via TV in southern California. I remember feeling youthful outrage when I saw the videos of Bull Conner using hoses and dogs against African-Americans who were only asking for the same rights I took for granted. Seeing the crowd at Grant Park- multi-colored, multi-ethnic, all celebrating his election- it was an emotional experience. It really does feel like we have turned a corner in this country.

I can't remember ever feeling so much emotion around an election. I am hopeful, happy, energized. For the first time in so many years, I will be looking forward to listening to what my president has to say. I can once again be proud to say I am an American.


Miles Johnson said...

About 100 of "us" were gathered at a friends' house watching as the election results came in. Here on the west coast our evening was bittersweet: Obama secured change for the next 4 years by a considerable amount. But Proposition 8 still passed. After having spent the past couple weeks out on street corners waving our signs, talking to the voters and getting our hopes up it was a dull victory at best.
Sorry to rant.


Karoda said...

Bev, thank you for your work and belief...he will continue to need the work and belief of all his diverse supporters!!!!!!