Sunday, November 09, 2008

More Experimentation with Blue Tsunami

I played around more with the various paints after I posted yesterday. I figured out that the water circles around some of the samples were more a function of a wet paint roller than the medium I was using. A sample done with the textile medium, Pearl-Ex, and a dry foam brush worked just fine. So that is what I am going to use- it gives me the see-through, sparkly effect I was going after.

Then I took the cut-out freezer paper circles, and started pinning them on the background. I decided I needed to avoid areas with multiple seams for the paint circles. This is the arrangement I came up with- first a value study in black and white, then in color.

I'll leave it on the design wall a few days, to see how it ages. Meantime, I now have the stabilizer I need to move forward with Autumn Mountains, so I still have a project to work on. And time, since Tuesday is a holiday!

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Judy said...

I admire your patience and love what you are doing with this piece! Can't wait to see how you progress.