Friday, November 21, 2008

(Not-so) Lazy Day

I was hoping to get all the grunge work done this morning, but no such luck. It's 4 pm, the last load of laundry is in the washer, our bathroom is cleaned, main and upstairs vacuumed. So it's looking like I won't get to Blue Tsunami until tomorrow, but that's ok- I won't have any distractions. Maybe I can bribe Shannon to put the lasagne for tomorrow's dinner together before she leaves for clinic at 11- that would make it perfect!

And even if I'm not getting to any art today, it feels so good to just be home. I was gone Sunday and Monday nights for work, got home late Tuesday night, then was right back up in Salt Lake Wednesday night for my Surface Design group meeting. And Thursday nights I'm seeing a private client. Ugh, too many late nights away from home.

With no art to post, thought I could tempt you with some food. Before I really got into quilting, I spent lots of time cooking. Two of my kids are definitely 'foodies'- my oldest son is a fantastic chef, a fact his wife greatly appreciates, and Shannon seriously considered culinary arts school before deciding the profession was just too cutthroat for her temperament. And every once in awhile I enjoy getting creative in the kitchen.

I decided I felt like green chili. Usually the first place I'll hunt for a recipe is on the Food TV website, and there was one that sounded good- a four star from Bobby Flay. I got most of my grocery shopping done early today, and found everything I needed for this at Sunflower Market, a wonderful new addition here in Utah.

First, we have onions, green pepper, tomatillos, garlic, and a pasilla pepper roasting in the oven. Yum, the smells are wonderful!

While that's roasting, I brown the pork cubes-

Then it all goes together, with three cans of chicken broth, in the oven. Leave it and forget about it for a couple of hours- my kind of meal!

All I have left to do is adding the cilantro- can't have Mexican without it. Add warm tortillas, a salad, and we are good to go on a cool autumn evening.

I've also been spending time with this eye candy-

The Master's: Art Quilts has great profiles of the work of forty artists- some I was familiar with, some not. Katie PM's latest book has some good design exercises in it, and two of our WAQ group have quilts pictured in it. My mind is already thinking of things I could do with some of the photos I took when I was in Reno earlier this fall.

Thanks for all the nice comments on the Autumn Mountain quilt. I hadn't thought about Paducah, but if I manage to get the quilting right, and it's done on time, I may consider that. Otherwise, it will be ready for a gallery show my Surface Design group is having in Salt Lake, starting in May.

I'm taking an extra day off for the Thanksgiving holiday, hoping to get some dyeing done. I got two dozen scarves from Dharma, and want to do some for Christmas presents. Probably not til Friday, since I'm cooking Thursday.

Here's hoping your weekend is a productive one!

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Judy said...

I'm going to have to try that recipe! YUMMMM!